Edmonton, March 2nd, 2017


Hi pastor Abi.

Here is my project plan for the mission in Burundi:

1/How long I am planning to stay in Burundi?

I am planning to stay there at least 6 months.

2/What kind of activities will be there?

a/I will  visit the congregations from the Alexander  efforts in the west of the country and see if they are walking in the present truth: the 3 angels message.

b/ I will gather the contacts I have now from my ministry on facebook.

C/ I will give the Bible studies door from door: 3 angels messages through the justification by the faith in Jesus-Christ, praying with the families, and teaching them the health message.

d/I will organize the Sabbath service and prayer meetings.

e/ I will train young people and family, in way to have the leaders among them: elders, deacon, music service and evangelist preachers)

f/ preparation them for the baptism of immersion

3/How much money I need personally per month

Mothly visa: 90 $

Food: 150 $

Renting a house: 100$

Telephone: 50 $

Printing and copies= 25 $

Travel: 150 $ (Bus/ moto) It should be easy with my own moto or car but I think it is to bore the Church.)

Personal hygiene 100 $

Renting worship room: 80 $ (may change according the quantity of congregations and their location: it is more expensive in the town and cheap in the area)

Providing for unexpected situations 100$

Sum= 90+150+50+25+100+150+100+80+100= $ 845

These items are also indispensable, but for to establish myself on the place:

Bed, blanket, sheets, furniture, etc: 130 $ +dishes; crockery, tableware : 60$+Laptop: 400 $=590 $

This list above is basic and essential to live there.





For the Ministry: It takes to be there and to talk with the owners of of the ground

for to buy our ground and build at least a chapel and minister location.

Ground: , it should be more expansive in the town

Chapel: It takes to know what kind of chapel the FSDA will suggest.

I have 3 projects: a/Communication : a Weekly Biblical emission : about 60 $/weekly.

b/ Public faucet at Nyabikenke: about 1500 $ (this is emergency, to save the                 population from many deseases)

c/ Nutritional Center at Nyabikenke ( in the future)


Note: Some families are ready to start there congregation in the cities of Kirundo, Buye, and Bujumbura



A new FSDA congregation at least, but we hope by the grace of God 3 FSDA communities at Kirundo, Buye, and Bujumbura. The baptism ceremonies should be held at the term of the mission, or after each 3 months period.

A monthly report will be sent in the FSDA Office to let them know how the work of God is progressing.

We will present all the congregations and projects to the Minister sent to perform the baptism ceremonies for to let him know where we stand with our commitment.

If the pastor Patrick Hebert find this more expansive, we may schedule the mission on 3 months. I am showing my vision here, what should be reasonable to build a solid FSDA Congregation.

Best regards.


Brother Balthasar Miburo




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